"Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it." - H.D. Thoreau


The American story is inspiring to me, people immigrating to the land of opportunity in search of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I am proud to have witnessed this ambition first-hand in my parents, coming to America and building a life from scratch. Working with my father on rooftops in the heat of summer and cleaning offices on Sunday with my mother, I was imbued with hard work, dedication, discipline and honesty from an early age. Obtaining a college education from FAU was not just a milestone for me, it was a tribute to the life my parents worked hard to give me, it was also the catalyst for transposing my childhood values into career tools. I learned the power of interpersonal connections and networking with others first-hand on numerous occasions and those skills allowed me to work for a company serving infamous brands at the research and strategy level. I was very good with research and it became my segue into the digital arena. My experiences had constructed a client-serving attitude and relentless dedication to long-term relationships over short-term gains. I am proud to be the culmination of my childhood values woven into the high-performance impressions instilled by the high-caliber clients I have worked with over the years.


In simple terms, I am an entrepreneur. Bringing people and opportunities together is my specialty, nurturing communication and relationships is my talent. Prioritizing UX in the development of the products I work on is a passion. On a personal level, I am a father and foster parent.


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Scoopful is a fitness tracking app that allows users to meet at the intersections of diet and exercise leveraging simplified UX.

Formula Brokerage

Formula Brokerage is Lower-Middle Market Merger & Acquisition Brokerage firm for online business. We represent acquiring and divestment clients to catalyze the next opportunity for high-impact growth.


“We were in the market to find a legitimate brokerage to sell our division off. Mark was instrumental in helping us achieve our goal and was quite professional and forthright. Highly recommended. ” – G.N. DigitalTown

“Mark helped us secure an important asset for our company…” – S.A. Workiva

“Mark knows how to bring the right people and businesses together. His honest and straightforward approach creates amazing partnerships while cutting out all the noise that usually just kill deals. ” – D.W-R. NatureCrazy